About Us

 About Bellisimo.gr


Working for many years in executive positions such as production manager, sales manager, key account manager, we have always been fascinated by selling products that were produced by the Greek land.

Over the last 4 years, having the necessary experience, business acquaintances and the necessary guarantees of entrepreneurship, we have been active in the commercial representation of small Greek producers.

We represent small producers whom we personally know. We and our families test are the first who test their quality products. Under the label Bellisimo, you will find products from every corner of Greece. From Chalkida, Crete and Mytilini to Laconia and Salamina.

Our product codes cover a wide range of categories: pasta, spice mixtures, tea, salt, jams, but also handmade soaps, wax ointments, detergents, and many others. Our plan includes a constant increase in the products we have in our portfolio.

Everything is strictly selected by licensed producers in Greece.

We support the Greek producer and explain to consumers that our country's products are more qualitative than any other imported, large-scale product from big companies.

Our goal is to bring these quality Greek products to as many homes as we can and to offer them with love, so that consumers can enjoy their daily health benefits.